WordPress Development
What's New in WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.1 “Misha is officially released, and new default themes 223 are released, with ten different styles, including more precise layout customization the Gutenberg editor is continuously updated, bringing simple page customization (templates) and a smoother writing experience.

Major additions

  1. Twenty-two new themes released: a brand new default theme with ten different style variationsstyle-variation-news 
  2. New templates for improved creator experience: more granular control over templates, no code changes required
  3. Design tools for greater consistency and control: adjust page layouts at the pixel level
  4. Manage menu easily
  5. Cleaner layout and document setup visualization: new publish button design and article template selector
  6. One-click lock settings for all internal blocks
  7. Improved block placeholders
  8. Compose richer lists and quotes with inner blocks
  9. More responsive text with smooth typography: Allows to define theme text size, resizing to fit the screen width.

There are many functions, as well as retaining website editor settings for each user for later use, updated interface options and functions, pure content editing support for container blocks, etc., mainly focusing on page design and simpler content publishing. Page customization (templates) and a smoother writing experience.

The goal, of course, is to control the layout and focus on the content. The students who are using it should have received the background update. This article was completed under WordPress 6.1. The obvious change is that when a new block is created, the + on the right is missing, and you need to enter/select the block, unlike before. 

Final Words

WordPress 6.1 is a major release with many improvements from the WordPress community. You can utilize the new features of WordPress 6.1 “Misha” by sticking with the older version. The latest version of WordPress is therefore crucial for getting the full benefits of the platform. You can also hire a WordPress developer for this purpose.