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best Vue.js frameworks to use

When companies develop their web applications and websites, the design should be impactful enough to impact users and capture their attention in those 2-3 seconds.

For attractive UI design, you need the correct libraries and frameworks.

The Vue.js framework is one of the fastest-growing JavaScript frameworks, and for a good reason.

It has an extensive collection of external libraries and frameworks that make it quick and easy to develop apps without any prior experience.

Here we have compiled a list of the best Vue.js frameworks to build modern and sophisticated apps to grab users’ attention and compliments.


What is Vue.js?

What are the features of Vue.js?

What are Vue.js frameworks?

Why use Vue.js?

What are the best Vue.js frameworks?

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js (commonly known as Vue) is an open-source model-view-view-model JavaScript framework that enables the creation of user interfaces and single-page applications. 

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that is accessible, adaptable, and powerful. It has an efficient compiler-optimized rendering system that requires almost no manual optimization. Its rich ecosystem shows full scalability between a library and a complete framework.

Vue.js development is easy to adapt thanks to a simple syntax and offers a flexible and simplistic API. It is focused on the visualization layer, which makes it suitable for single-page applications and attractive user interfaces. It supports fast component-level caching and server-side interpretation.

What are the features of Vue.js? 

  • Quick virtual DOM implementation
  • Programming style and patterns
  • Lightness, flexibility, and non-clogging
  • Two-way data link
  • Faster updates and production
  • Vuex model for state management
  • Optimized rendering for faster performance
  • Component-level caching
  • Extensive community support and documentation

What are Vue.js frameworks?

Vue has grown into a massive web application framework with an extensive ecosystem, including numerous features, libraries, and components. To make development more accessible, the multitude of Vue users have created complementary libraries and frameworks.

These Vue frameworks provide building blocks that greatly simplify the development process because you can use them directly in your application. From out-of-the-box UI elements to additional support for developing various types of web applications, there are several Vue js frameworks to choose from.

Why use Vue.js?

Most browsers still require all code to be written in JavaScript. But it is difficult to write JavaScript codes from scratch.

That’s why we have JavaScript frameworks like Vue, React, and Angular, allowing developers to reuse existing code and build their web apps around it.

Many developers are switching from Angular and React to the Vuejs framework because of its flexibility, high performance, two-way data binding, and easy integration of third-party apps and component libraries.

What are the best Vue.js frameworks? 

We have compiled a list of the best Vue.js frameworks, divided into categories based on their use and functionality, namely:

  • Vue UI frameworks that help build modern and responsive websites
  • Mobile frameworks help build hybrid mobile web apps
  • Static Site frameworks that generate static websites
  • SSR frameworks aid in the development of server-side rendering applications

User Interface (UI) Frameworks 

Designing user interfaces is an essential aspect of front-end development. If your user interface is not attractive enough in terms of look and feel, it will be impossible to maintain a constant flow of users.

Vue UI component libraries are very useful in such cases. They provide pre-designed Vue front-end components and elements that you can use to design an attractive front-end.

The best UI component frameworks for Vue are:

Bootstrap View

Bootstrap is one of the most widely used open-source CSS frameworks for front-end applications. Bootstrap Vue combines the UI components of the Bootstrap library with the ease and flexibility of Vue.js.

Using Bootstrap’s Vue extension, you can create ARIA responsive mobile websites or hybrid mobile apps.

This CSS framework provides over 80 Vue components and over 25 plugins that make creating web applications a breeze. It is also easy to master thanks to the various starter packs and ready-to-use themes.


Quasar is your one-stop solution for Vue.js UI development. Write a single Vue code and deploy it as SPAs, Progressive Web Apps, Desktop Apps, Server-Rendered Apps, or Hybrid Apps.

The Quasar framework follows Google’s Material Design guidelines and has easy-to-follow documentation to help you build responsive websites.

Along with the unique Vue components, the multiple language packs and built-in web practices also support minification and caching. Plus, an ever-growing community helps you every step of the way.

Material view

Vue Material is a highly lightweight Vue UI component library. Inspired by Material Design specifications, Vue Material allows users to create well-designed apps that are cross-browser compatible.

This Material Design component framework has an easy-to-use API, various built-in themes, and a scalable Vue UI component library, making it the best UI framework for Vuejs.

Additionally, Vue Material forms the basis for other UI component frameworks like Vue Material Toolkit and Vue Material Dashboard.


Vuetify, the Material Components Framework for Vue.js 2, is a UI component toolkit for Vue.

You don’t need to be a professional to design beautiful and elegant interfaces. You can get started anytime, as it has over 80 pre-designed Vue UI components, each with customizable options and events.

It can work with SSR apps, has RTL functionality, allows for code scaffolding, and has three preconfigured Vue Cli templates to help beginners.

Moreover, it has the support of a vast community and round-the-clock professional assistance.

Static Framework Generators

A static site generator uses templates and raw data to generate static HTML websites. These sites load the same way every time, so web pages don’t have to be individually coded.

The following frameworks generate static sites for Vue.js:

View Press

The VuePress framework is a static site generator powered by Vue and developed by Evan You. It is a perfect framework for creating user interfaces for minimalist web pages and single-page applications (SPAs). 

Although considered a subset of Nuxt.js, it allows the compilation of markdown files, an easy-to-navigate default theme, and supports multiple languages.

VuePress is suitable for creating documentation and other content-oriented sites.  


Gridsome is an open-source website deployment framework that improves performance. It generates static sites with Vue.js.

Gridsome makes it easy to SEO-friendly and very fast to build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Working on the PRLP model supports GraphQL for queries, code splitting, lazy loading, and automatic image compression. It is the best Vue js framework.

Mobile frameworks

Vue.js is excellent for developing hybrid mobile apps, but you can also build native mobile apps.

You can use the following mobile frameworks to develop mobile apps with Vue.js:

Native View

Vue Native is a progressive JavaScript framework remarkably similar to React Native in its work. Its mobile UI elements can be used to develop lightweight cross-platform native mobile apps using Vue.js.

It uses Vue CLI, virtual DOMs, observers, and live sync to help build responsive mobile apps faster. It uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and can develop robust mobile applications.


Vux is a mobile UI component framework for Vue.js. This Vue component library has many UI components for mobile apps, and its popularity is growing continuously. The only problem is that all of its documentation is in Chinese.

Mint UI

Mint UI is a collection of MIT-licensed mobile user interface components for Vue. It provides CSS and JS components for designing mobile apps.

Because it is Vue-based, it is also relatively lightweight and can give its users a professional iOS theme for mobile web apps. Mint UI offers essential UI components for website development that any newbie developer can use.

Server-side rendering

The Server-Side Rendering Framework converts client-based Javascript web pages into static websites written in HTML or CSS.

The site loads on your server instead of a browser, so web pages load much faster.

The best SSR framework to use with Vue is:

Nuxt.js: A versatile framework that makes working with Vue.js easier and faster. You can use it for SPAs, static websites, and universal Vue apps. First, it makes it easy to develop server-rendered applications with Vue, which works in client-server mode.

But it also has features like improved SEO, meta tag management, predefined configurations, and choice of the most compatible UI frameworks like Vuetify or Vuex. These additional features make it a must-have Vue framework!