Laravel Development
Laravel Development Tools

Laravel is an extensive PHP framework for web development. This framework is intended for developing a small business website or a startup; this makes this PHP framework stand out from other popular frameworks. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, a Laravel developer needs to build a toolkit that helps them deliver the project quickly.

There are many ways to save time in common functional tasks. Laravel developers need powerful tools to code faster and simultaneously build efficient applications. Let’s take a look at what are the best readily available tools for programmers. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework that is expressive and has an elegant syntax. Laravel is used to design custom software.

It is a compelling Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern PHP framework. It is an open-source web application development for developers who demand a simple and rich toolkit to build complete web applications.

Laravel lets you produce professional web applications effortlessly by following polished coding standards and an architectural model. In other words, rather than designing and maintaining the structure of your application, you can focus on the core functionality you need to design.

What are the advantages of the Laravel framework?

  • It provides a convenient environment for automation testing.
  • Laravel offers a good level of authorization and authentication.
  • It has a very simple and clean API that makes it easy to integrate with the sending service.
  • When there are more technical vulnerabilities, Laravel can be used to fix them easily.
  • It provides a very simple and expressive routing method.
  • Not only with sending services, but it can also easily integrate with other tools and helps deliver fast web applications.
  • It offers a good level of error and expectation management.
  • It can configure and manage scheduling tasks very efficiently.

What are the characteristics of Laravel?

  • Automatic loading of classes
  • IOC container
  • Migration
  • Query Builder
  • Database seeding
  • Unit test

What are the best Laravel development tools and resources?

When you choose a Laravel package and tool, you can use them differently for database access, performance dependency, and more.

So, here we have covered some of the best to help you accelerate your development.

Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar is a highly recommended tool for debugging Laravel applications. The tool is regularly updated for the latest versions of Laravel. The tool displays at the bottom of the browser and simultaneously provides debugging information. It also shows the route, and the model, rendered with the parameters, provides detailed information. It allows the developer to add messages.


It is the smart IDE that best suits the Laravel framework. PHPStorm works smoothly; it has smart code navigation, allows fast and safe refactoring, and easy debugging and unit testing. Moreover, it is also a good PHP code trainer.

IDE is a crucial part of development as it increases developer productivity while saving time while debugging codes. Many developers use PHPStorm for its flawless performance.


If you are developing a small business using the Laravel framework, you should choose BitBucket. By doing so, you avoid sharing code repositories.

You may have a limited number of collaborators, and the need to have private BitBucket repositories is the best option. All BitBucket plans give unlimited access to the private repository while allowing a maximum of 5 collaborators in the free plan.

However, for open-source projects, the ability to have unlimited collaborators in GitHub makes it the best choice for developers working with the Laravel framework.

Laravel Backup

Laravel Backup is an essential tool for Laravel web development service providers. It also creates safe backups of all files used in the application. The backup is created with a zip file containing all the files in the specified directories. It also contains all your database dumps in the project directory. Certainly, one of the main advantages is that the backup can be stored on any file system.

Laravel Tinker

Most Laravel developers don’t know that the PHP framework includes a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) Tinker. This Tinker console lets you interact with your Laravel application from the command line in an interactive shell. Typically, developers choose a command line to interact with the project, but with Tinker, one can easily access all events and objects. It is an optional add-on that must be manually installed for Laravel versions later than 5.4.

Laravel Socialite

Laravel Socialite allows you to manage OAuth authentication more transparently. This tool allows users to connect through social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bitbucket, etc. It is one of the popular features of Laravel, commonly used in most Laravel development.


The Laravel framework provides developers with a flawless experience in performing custom-defined functional tasks. Now you can choose your best tool considering your project requirements. These tools will come in handy for you to perform functional and other common tasks faster and with efficient results.