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6 Ways to Optimise Google Performance Max Campaigns

With Performance Max campaigns, Google Ads’ optimization score is now compatible.

Six new features have been added to Google’s Performance Max campaigns, including a long-awaited optimization score.

Performance Max allows advertisers to identify areas for improvement before launching a campaign.

What are Performance Max Campaigns?

A new campaign type called Performance Max allows performance advertisers to manage all of their Google Ads inventory from one place.

Also, newly added explanations will provide answers to questions regarding after-launch campaign performance.

With Performance Max campaigns, you are able to share your products and services across Google’s network in one simple and easy-to-manage campaign.

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns: 6 Best New Features

Here mentioned the below points to improve your performance score on your running campaigns. Let’s explore and implement the Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns 6 New Features.

1. Optimization Score

The Google Ads optimization score can help you improve your campaign.

Scores range from 0-100%, and if your campaign is below 100%, you’ll get recommendations for improving it.

Advertisers use optimization scores when they create other types of campaigns in Google Ads, and it is now available in Performance Max as well.

2. Seasonality Adjustments

When you adjust your bid strategy for seasonality, you can take advantage of events that are likely to have higher conversion rates, such as promotions and sales.

In circumstances where you anticipate a significant increase in conversion rates outside of typical seasonal patterns, Google recommends using seasonality adjustments. Forecasted seasonal events already factor into smart bidding.

3. Data Exclusions

If your campaign had conversion tracking issues on certain dates, you can exclude data from Google’s smart bidding algorithm. You can prevent your Performance Max bid strategy from being affected by inaccurate conversion tracking by excluding that data.

4. Advanced Location Targeting Controls

You can now target more precisely by utilizing advanced location options.

A location option is available under the “Location options” section of your campaign settings.

5. Explanations

You can better understand unexpected performance shifts with explanations in Performance Max campaigns.

By providing recommendations to improve your performance, Google Ads allows you to troubleshoot issues immediately, saving you time and energy.

The campaign type has a broad reach across Google’s Network, reaching customers on:

  • Display
  • Search
  • Maps
  • Discover Feed
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Shopping Ad Inventory

Performance Max
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Boost conversions across every advertising channel and inventory available on Google with Performance Max campaigns

6. Diagnostic Insights

Performance Max’s diagnostic insights can be used to identify problems with ad policy, billing, budget, etc., during the initial setup of the campaign.

We have been able to implement a complementary, full-funnel strategy thanks to Performance Max. We’ve been able to expand our reach and increase conversions really effectively by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning skills.


You may choose if Performance Max Campaigns are the best campaign type to assist you to achieve your search engine marketing objectives and goals now that you are aware of how they operate and what is required to get started.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions regarding Performance Max or to discuss whether automation makes sense for your digital marketing initiatives.