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Take back control of your online store and no longer depend on an agency to manage it; here is the goal of migrating to a tool as complete as Shopify.


Why migrate to Shopify?

Increase Your Online Sales
while reducing your costs

When using a solution like Prestashop, Magento or even WooCommerce, you can quickly find yourself stuck in the face of a technical difficulty.

Therefore, asking a webmaster to intervene is necessary, which generates costs and takes time.

By migrating to Shopify or Shopify Plus, 95% of these issues will vanish. And for the remaining 5%? Our always very reactive team intervenes within 12 hours.

Get a complete Shopify migration solution for your existing e-commerce store on any platform. No limitations, no hassles!

Benefits of switch to Shopify

Change Your Design, Add Products, Create Offers!

Stop waiting for your webmaster to want to do the job well. If you have an idea to make more sales, you must put it in place immediately.

Enjoy A State-Of-The-Art Boutique Without Being Out Of Budget.

Shopify stores are built to be on the cutting edge of technology without starting from scratch with every new idea.

End-To-End Shopify Migration Solutions We Offer

Migration From Prestashop To Shopify

Migration From Prestashop To Shopify

We migrate your e-commerce site, including products, pages, texts, customers and orders from Prestashop to Shopify and create an impactful design for your new store.

Migration From Magento To Shopify

Migration From Magento To Shopify

We migrate your e-commerce site, including products, pages, texts, customers and orders from Magento to Shopify and create an impactful design for your new store.

Migrating From WooCommerce To Shopify

Migrating From WooCommerce To Shopify

We migrate your e-commerce site, including products, pages, texts, customers and orders from WooCommerce to Shopify and create an impactful design for your new store.

Migrating From OpenCart To Shopify

Migrating From OpenCart To Shopify

We create OpenCart to Shopify Migration easy using the most delinquent and cutting-edge tools. Our Shopify experts developers make the migration so swiftly and accurately that you can get your data without data loss.

Why Entrust Us With The Work?

Shopify Experts

We know everything about this platform
We've been working on Shopify for years and know the code inside out. We are also certified Shopify Partner.

Conversion Optimization

We improve your online sales.
Thanks to the multitude of e-commerce sites that we have created, we are able to provide you with development that perform.

We Save Your SEO

You remain visible on Google
Thanks to our powerful migration tools, we ensure that you do not lose your referencing on Google thanks to the redesign of your URLs.

Complete Training

You master the tool in a few days.
We train you on your premises or remotely to master the tool internally. The intuitiveness of Shopify will allow you to master it in just a few days.


Over the past few years, the sequences of various events have considerably boosted e-commerce. If the CMS platform you currently use no longer meets your needs and no longer allows you to manage your business well, consider migrating your site to Shopify.

A Shopify site migration can be the ideal solution when faced with technical constraints. In general, technical limitations arise from the evolution of the platform you have chosen. Regular updates are often required to improve security or to update outdated code. You must then budget for upgrading on the same CMS platform or for a site migration to another platform like Shopify.

If your business needs have changed, it is essential to find the most suitable platform for the established strategy and the means available. Migrating your site to Shopify also allows you to modernize your online store and improve your company’s image in the eyes of Internet users. The new integrated features must respond to the new browsing habits of your potential customers.

To migrate an e-commerce site to Shopify, you must first do a preliminary analysis by asking specific questions. For example, what motivates you to migrate your online store to another platform? What features do you want to keep? What new products are you interested in? What do you want to delete?

Migrating an e-commerce site to Shopify is a task that cannot be improvised. Therefore, it is essential to fully understand the objectives and schedule to better control the budget you plan to allocate to this project. It should be noted that a successful site migration guarantees you an increase in your turnover and better profitability of your online sales activity.

Do not hesitate to ask for the support of a qualified professional to help you realize this project in the best conditions. On Arham Technosoft, you can find expert freelancers who can migrate your site to Shopify.

To successfully migrate your site to Shopify, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Assessing and configuring basic administrative settings
  2. Migration of content and data from the e-commerce site to Shopify using the “Transporter” tool
  3. Organization of the products offered and verification of the various information concerning them
  4. Improved the visual appearance of the online store (selection of themes)
  5. Domain Setup: Purchasing a New Domain or Transferring the Current Domain to Your Shopify Account
  6. Setup Shipping and Fulfillment
  7. Understanding and verifying the tax setup process
  8. Selection of third-party providers and configuration of payment services
  9. Execution of test commands
  10. Inviting customers to create an account on the new online store
  11. Configuring redirect URLs

As you will have understood, migrating from an e-commerce site to Shopify is an important step that guarantees the sustainability of your online sales activity. It is highly recommended to entrust this task to a freelance expert you can find on Codeur.com.

This technician will be able to define your needs and help you achieve the objectives previously set. As a result, you will avoid wasting time, and you will be able to focus on your core business. Request a quote for migrating your e-commerce site to Shopify.

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